Free master classes

Free master classes

Free master classes

Fractal Paints is a manufacturer of creative and decorative goods

Our online store Fractal Paint is a direct distributor of products for hobbies and creativity of the company Fractal Paints LLC.

Here you can buy a wide range of Fractal Paint products at the lowest prices. Fractal Paints Limited Liability Company is a manufacturer of goods for creativity and needlework in Russia.

Today, the activity of Fractal Paints LLC is focused on the production and sale of decorative and artistic compositions for creativity: facet varnishes, fractal paints, patinas, wax, grout, acrylic paints, modeling gels, acrylic contours, pigments, chalk paints with the effect of cracks, stained glass paints.

You can buy materials for creativity at the best price without intermediaries in our online store Fractal Paint, since we are their direct manufacturers. You can also buy materials for cr

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